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Tungsten Sheet & Plate

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Tungsten sheet’s density is over 19.2 g/cm3.The surface of tungsten sheet has metal silver luster. The radiation shield of W sheet is as effective as lead sheet. Tungsten sheet can be rolled to thickness 0.05mm. Our tungsten plate conforms to ASTM B 386 standard. Before delivery, tungsten plate will be vacuum annealed and flatness will be measured. We provide material certificate of W sheet, test report including density, damage detection, sizes and so on.

Tungsten plate is widely supplied for X ray tube rotatable anode, high temperature furnace element, reflecting shield, cover plate in sapphire growth furnace, thermal separated shield, vacuum mechanical coating and also in boats for high temperature resistance.

Tungsten Block

We are supplier specialized in manufacturing rolled tungsten. We are the best vacuum annealed tungsten manufacturer. There are three ways to machine the block including hot-rolled, warm-rolled techniques and cold-rolled techniques. The process of manufacturing tungsten block involves features of stamping, interior structure stability and high temperature resistance.

Tungsten Sheet

Tungsten has the highest melting points and boiling points among the metals. In terms of different thickness, width and producing techniques, we can make the surface of tungsten sheet with matt and brightness. Tungsten sheet purity can reach 99.97%. Density is 18.8-19.1g/cm3.

Tungsten Disc

Tungsten is a metal having high temperature resistance. It has high melting point. Because its physical properties, it is widely used for electronic products. The density of tungsten disc can reach 18.8 g/cm3 after being forged. The tungsten disc we produce has good quality, high bend resistance strength, good electric conductivity, thermal conductivity, high electrical resistivity and good hardness, etc.

Sintered Tungsten Plate

Sintered tungsten plate is supplied for tungsten electrodes, heat components, heat shield, sintered tray, sintered boat, laminated plate, bottom plate, sputtering target, electronics and vacuum application crucibles. Tungsten plate is also widely used in rotatable anode X ray tube, reflecting shield in high temperature furnace, heating element, sapphire growth furnace, high temperature film, insulated shield, vacuum coating and boats for high temperature resistance.

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