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Molybdenum Foil & Strip

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We are the professional supplier of molybdenum foil and molybdenum strip. Molybdenum foil belongs to the cold-rolling plate. Thanks to our excellent processing techniques, our moly foil does not show the defects like cracks, scoring or edge crackings that are commonly seen in other cold-rolling plates.

Molybdenum Foil

The surface of our molybdenum foils has silver-gray metallic luster and the density nearly reaches the theoretical density of 10.2g/cm3. Through vacuum annealing, the purity is greater than 3N and conforms to ATM B 386 standard. Our molybdenum foil has great metallic performance and balanced inner structure.

Having relatively smaller coefficient of expansion and the advantage of heat conductivity, molybdenum foils can be processed into thin and tiny parts. Molybdenum foils are commonly used as heat absorbing sink in semi-conductor devices. Molybdenum foils are widely used in illumination, vacuum coating and other electronic components. Molybdenum foils can also be used as the container for metal evaporation in electron microscope labs.

Molybdenum Strip

Our molybdenum strips are manufactured through extrusion, forge, rolling and annealing. The density is between 10 g/cm3 and 10.2 g/cm3. The surface of molybdenum strip goes through cold rolling and vacuum annealing.

Molybdenum strips can be used in health industry, sapphire grower, astronautics and aeronautics, nuclear energy and guided missiles.

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