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Molybdenum Boat

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We are professional supplier of molybdenum boats. Molybdenum boats are manufactured through cutting, bending, soldering, riveting and surfacing. In order to ensure the life span of working in high temperature and high pressure, we process the moly boats in good order and with great care to make sure the welding is perfect.

Molybdenum Boat

The surface of our molybdenum boats has silver-gray metallic luster and the density nearly reaches the theoretical density of 10.2g/cm3. Through vacuum annealing, the purity is greater than 3N. We use high-purity molybdenum as raw materials. Advanced technology and special way of processing are adopted to do the surface treatment.

Molybdenum boats can be used in precision ceramics and capacitors sintering, nuclear fuel and rare-earth industry. They can also be used as vacuum evaporation particles and other materials with the form of particles, related spare parts in coating industry and high temperature furnaces, heater, power grid vacuum tube and lamp hooks.

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