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Tungsten Heavy Alloy

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We are specialized for manufacturing tungsten heavy alloy. Tungsten heavy alloy belongs to refractory metals. It is composed by several chemical compositions such as W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu or W-Ni-Cu-Fe. Tungsten heavy alloy’s tungsten content is over 85%. Other chemical contents are Ni, Fe, Cu, Mo, Cr etc. Please note that other chemical contents are very low. Tungsten heavy alloy’s density ranges from 16.7g/cm3 to 18.8g/cm3.

Tungsten Heavy Alloy

The density of tungsten heavy alloy is very high. Its density is twice of steel. Tungsten heavy alloy has low thermal coefficient but it has high absorption ability and high-energy rays. The tungsten heavy alloy we make conforms to ASTM B777-99 standard.

Tungsten heavy alloy is massively applied to balancing weight molds and high temperature molds. Also they can be made into protective shield and high-energy rays.

Package Inspection

We will offer material certificate after finishing production which includes chemical properties, mechanical properties, size and so on. Our products are packed by wooden boxes specialized for exportation. All of our products are separated by wet-proof paper.

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