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Extremely large molybdenum and tungsten deposits have been discovered in China

  • Mosten
  • 30 Jun

Luanchuan County is the core area of 16 important polymetallic metallogenic belts in China and an important molybdenum, lead-zinc polymetallic mineral base, which is known as "Molybdenum capital of China".

Located in Luanchuan County, "Molybdenum capital of China", with a total area of 220 square kilometers, "Deep survey of Chitudian Molybdenum Lead-Zinc Polymetallic Ore in Henan Province" was a major integrated exploration project deployed by henan Provincial Department of Natural Resources (the former Department of Land and Resources of Henan Province) in 2011. Based on the current molybdenum and tungsten prices, the potential value of the project could reach 500 billion yuan. Up to now, "China molybdenum capital" Luanchuan has submitted a total of 6,317,700 tons of molybdenum, tungsten 1,382,800 tons, lead 991,800 tons, zinc 3,378,300 tons, silver 1,120.83 tons, copper 82,900 tons. After this achievement is submitted, Luanchuan county is expected to change from "Molybdenum capital of China" to "molybdenum capital of the world". China is one of the countries with the most abundant molybdenum resources in the world. According to the data released by the Ministry of Land and Resources, by the end of 2013, the identified molybdenum resource reserves in China were 26.202 million tons (metal content). In 2014, the confirmed resource reserves of Molybdenum ore in China increased to 1,066,000 tons (metal content), so by 2014, the confirmed resource reserves of molybdenum ore in China reached 27.268,000 tons (metal content). In addition, since 2011, China has discovered three new molybdenum mines of 2 million tons, including Shapinggou in Anhui province.

Shapinggou Molybdenum deposit is a giant porphyry molybdenum deposit located in Jinzhai County, Lu 'an City, Anhui Province. According to the estimation of Exploration Geological Report of Shapinggou Molybdenum Mine in Jinzhai County, Anhui Province, the proved + controlled + inferred grade (331+332+333) ore reserves of Shapinggou Molybdenum Mine are 177,4710,400 tons, molybdenum and metal content is 2,459,413.82 tons, and the average grade is 0.139%. It is the largest molybdenum deposit in Asia and the second largest in the world, with a leading molybdenum grade in the world.

Heilongjiang Da Hinggan Mountain Fork molybdenum deposit is another huge molybdenum deposit discovered in China in recent years. The total construction investment is expected to exceed 10 billion YUAN, held by two private enterprises, Yunnan Chihong Zinc and Germanium And Beijing Longdong Investment. Currently, the mine has been under construction and is expected to be put into trial production within 3 years.

The resource amount of Chaolukou mine is similar to that of Shapinggou mine, but its disadvantage is that the grade is too low, among which the resource amount of industrial development value is about 1.76 million tons.

The total resources of molybdenum ore are 2.46 million tons, of which industrial ore (grade) is 0.06% and 1.76 million tons, accounting for 72% of the total, with an average grade of 0.087%. Low grade ore (grade) 0.03%) 700,000 tons, accounting for 28% of the total, with an average grade of 0.048%.

As a rare metal, molybdenum has high melting point, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. In addition to being widely used in stainless steel, automotive and petroleum industries, it is now also used in aerospace, nuclear industry and other military fields, with strategic value comparable to rare earth.

China is a big country with molybdenum resources, and molybdenum deposits are widely distributed, with complete types and concentrated reserves. In recent decades, significant breakthroughs have been made in molybdenum prospecting in China, including dozens of large and super large molybdenum polymetallic deposits in East Gobi of Xinjiang, Donggou of Luoyang of Henan, Yuzhiling of Song County of Henan and Shapinggou of Jinzhai of Anhui.

And from the point of the downstream demand, at present, 80% of molybdenum application of the steel industry in our country, and with the high speed steel industry development in our country, the increasing demand for molybdenum resources in our country, molybdenum in the position in national economy is more and more high, in the position in global economy related also remains high, and will always be molybdenum resource dominant position.

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