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The utility model relates to a low dose vehicle inspection accelerator

  • Mosten
  • 19 Oct

X-ray nondestructive testing accelerator is widely used in radiation imaging examination system, which is a national major equipment with difficult technology and involves the development and integration of a number of cutting-edge technologies. Its product line includes passenger car imaging examination system, container vehicle imaging examination system and CT baggage/articles examination system. It is widely used in customs, border control, logistics security check, prison and highway green channel and other fields and places; Similar products of vehicle radiation imaging inspection system are mainly used in vehicle imaging scanning, and its main application field is rapid inspection of vehicles at high-speed intersections.

Because the vehicle inspection system of X ray dose rate is bigger, in order to prevent drivers receive too much radiation, under normal circumstances, a large truck or container after vehicle inspection system, the driver needs to get off in advance, by the vehicle traction system to drive the vehicle through the security check, and then the driver get in the car to the left, while the driver's safety are obtained by the body, However, the efficiency of vehicle traffic is greatly reduced.

The solution is to automatically lower the X-ray dose-rate as the cockpit passes through the security system, so that the pilot is not exposed to excessive radiation, and then immediately return to normal X-ray dose-rate levels after the cockpit passes through the security system to inspect the cargo hold or container.

The utility model relates to a low dose vehicle inspection accelerator, which comprises an electron gun, an acceleration tube and a collimating cone connected in sequence. The electron gun is connected with an electron gun power supply through a wire harness. The acceleration tube is connected with a coupling tube, and the input end of the coupling tube is connected with a magnetron; The magnetron is connected with a modulator through a wire harness; Tungsten shielding is arranged on the outside of the accelerator tube.

The power supply of electron gun is an independent power supply with adjustable voltage and sequence. The modulator is used to adjust the timing of the magnetron. A cooling water pipe is arranged between the tungsten shield and the acceleration tube, and the cooling water pipe is coiled on the outside of the acceleration tube. The input end of the cooling water pipe is connected with a water cooling unit through a pipe.

By reducing the electron gun voltage, thus reduce the gun firing, at the same time adjust the gun and magnetron pulse high voltage pulse sequence, make both pulse generation, greatly reduces the accelerating tube beam, eventually make the accelerator radiation dose rate greatly reduced, again through the tungsten shielding, avoid the cockpit check personnel exposure to excessive radiation. The tungsten shield is set on the outside.

Composition: 1, electron gun, 2, accelerating tube, 3, collimating cone, 4, electron gun power supply, 5, coupling tube, 6, magnetron, 7, modulator, 8, tungsten shielding, 9, cooling water pipe, 10, water cooling unit.