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Box-type vacuum atmosphere medium frequency induction sintering furnace and its application method

  • Mosten
  • 28 Sept

Vacuum and atmosphere medium frequency induction sintering furnace is an important equipment widely used in tungsten, molybdenum and other special metal processing industry. Induction heating is a good form of electric heating, one of which is using Faraday electromagnetic induction principle to electrical energy into heat energy, the three-phase power supply by medium frequency induction power supply into intermediate frequency alternating current, when the alternating current through the induction coil, it can produce alternating magnetic field sensor, that is to say, will produce the size and direction of alternating magnetic flux of all change over time. When put a piece of conductive metal (i.e., tungsten, molybdenum artifacts) is put in the induction coil, according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, metal internal will generate the corresponding induction electromotive force, because the metal is a conductor will also because of the existence of the induced electromotive force induced current, the induced current is called eddy current, and according to joule - lenz's law, When the eddy currents flow inside a metal with a certain resistance, they generate a certain amount of heat, so that the metal is heated.

At present, the conventional vacuum and atmosphere medium frequency induction sintering furnace is vertical and round, and the space utilization rate is low when the slab is sintered, which can not meet the mass sintering of the slab. In addition, in the sintering process, due to insufficient charging, the slab is prone to deformation in the sintering process, which is not convenient for subsequent processing and manufacturing. In order to save cost, the deformed slab needs to be heated and shaped, which not only increases the production cost but also affects the quality of products due to heating and pressure processing in the process of shaping. Circular coil, because of low space utilization, in the use of large energy consumption, low efficiency.

By using box-type furnace structure, can make be sintered tungsten billet and sintered molybdenum billet products placed on the feeding tap, maximum improved by bending deformation of sintering material, significantly reduce the alignment of tungsten molybdenum product leveling process, reduce production cost, at the same time avoid the school type in the process of heating and pressure processing on the quality of the products.

Cabinet vacuum atmosphere, medium frequency induction furnace, including internal furnace furnace shell, is located in the furnace shell core components, vacuum furnace casing connection system, water system and pneumatic system, including: core components for rectangle box structure, rectangle around, in turn, is equipped with heating element from inside to outside of the box structure, refractory material, induction coil, a rectangular box structure at the top of the roof cover; The vacuum system provides a vacuum environment inside the furnace shell, the waterway system provides cooling water for the furnace shell, and the gas passage system provides working gas for the furnace shell.

We can fabricate tungsten machined parts and molybdenum machined parts in furnace body according to customer's drawings.