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Molybdenum wire

  • Mosten
  • 24 Sept

Molybdenum wire is mainly refers to the cutting process, the continuous motion of workpiece by cutting with high pressure electric field in a composed of molybdenum and other precious metals manufacturing consumables, continuous motion when the wedm machining of fine wire is called the wire electrode (also called electrode), it can be to pulsed spark discharge artifact removal in, cut metal forming. Molybdenum wire has many other uses.

High quality and high temperature molybdenum raw material is processed into filaments by advanced hot-cold drawing technology. It is used as an electrode of wire cutting machine to process the workpiece. Molybdenum wire surface state molding process: drawing, forging, polishing.

1. Pure molybdenum wire GMPM. Used for winding core wire, bracket, lead wire, heating element, molybdenum foil belt, wire cutting, auto parts spraying, etc.

2. Lanthanum molybdenum wire GMHI -- M. Used for glass sealing pieces of wire wound core, molybdenum foil tape, furnace body heating materials, wire cutting high-temperature components, etc.

3. Yttrium molybdenum wire GMHYM. Used for support, lead wire, valve reed, grid, furnace heating materials, high temperature components.

4. Molybdenum wire GMPM for wire cutting. One one, GMHI. M. Used for cutting all kinds of nonferrous metals, iron and steel and magnetic materials. It has the characteristics of high strength, good discharge performance, high surface finish, fast cutting speed and long life.

Storage note

1. Keep molybdenum wire in a ventilated and cool place with low humidity and keep the temperature between 20℃ and 25℃ as far as possible to avoid oxidation of molybdenum wire; 2. Poor verticality may occur when molybdenum wire is placed for more than 6 months.

Advantages of molybdenum wire:

1. Molybdenum wire has high precision, and the tolerance of wire diameter is controlled within 0 ~ -0.002mm;

2. Low incidence of wire breaking, high processing speed, high cost performance;

3. It can realize stable continuous processing for a long time.

The main characteristics of fake molybdenum wire are as follows:

1. The length of fake wire cutting molybdenum wire is short of 100-200 meters or even more, and the net weight of molybdenum wire is insufficient.

2. The weight of fake wire cutting molybdenum wire disk is 120-130g, or the actual disk weight is 20-30g more than the standard weight. Falsely increase the net weight of molybdenum wire 20-30g, some companies molybdenum wire disk weight about 98g.

3. The data on the outer label of the fake wire-cut molybdenum wire box is inconsistent with the label number of the wire tray.

Molybdenum wire is used in profile cutting, H2 furnace, heater rod guide hook, mandrel, wire, lead etc.

Molybdenum is used in the manufacture of high temperature resistant equipment, such as supports, guide rods, in the furnace heating rod, etc.

Molybdenum wire is mainly used in molybdenum furnace and tube socket high temperature hot field, molybdenum wire is refined molybdenum rod, divided into white molybdenum wire, black molybdenum wire, spraying molybdenum wire, wire cutting molybdenum wire and so on. Molybdenum wire is commonly used as heating furnace material, support material heating screen.