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Tungsten-copper alloy -- high temperature will "sweat"

  • Mosten
  • 28 Jul

A tungsten-copper alloy is an alloy of tungsten and copper. At very high temperatures, such as above 3000℃, the copper in the alloy is liquefied and evaporated, which absorbs a lot of heat and can quickly reduce the surface temperature of the material. Therefore, this kind of material is also called metal sweat material.

Tungsten-copper alloy is widely used in the field of aerospace, such as the nozzle of missile, rocket engine and gas rudder. The tungsten-copper alloy products not only have the ability of high temperature resistance and high temperature airflow scouring resistance, but also can effectively reduce the surface temperature of tungsten-copper, so as to ensure that the nozzle and other key parts can be used under extreme high temperature conditions.