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Peanut production key fertilizer, molybdenum fertilizer and boron fertilizer can not be less, when spraying effect is good?

  • Mosten
  • 26 May

I. Seedling stage, mainly supplemented with molybdenum and boron

Peanut molybdenum and boron need to be sufficient, boron deficiency will appear fruit and no kernel phenomenon, gravure fruit and empty shell fruit increase, grain deformity becomes smaller, less flowering results, empty fruit seedless, boron deficiency is generally difficult to find, once the symptoms have been late. Molybdenum is indispensable for nitrogen fixation of rhizobia, which is beneficial to the normal development of grain and can also promote the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper and other elements in peanut. Molybdenum can significantly increase nitrogenase activity.

The spraying effect of molybdenum fertilizer was better than that of base application, and the mixing of molybdenum and boron was more effective. molybdenum helps to construct nitrogen fixation systems, and boron is prepared for flowering periods. It is recommended that 20 ml of boron source bank be used for one mu of land. The formula is: boron source bank 20 g molybdenum source bank 20 ml water 30-60 jin spraying.

II. Supplementing molybdenum and boron before and after flowering

Molybdenum fertilizer to strengthen nitrogen fixation, boron is conducive to flowering and pollination, improve double kernel fruit, it is recommended that one mu of land use boron source bank 20 ml, boron source bank 20 g, if peanut season only three times a season, it is recommended that the seedling period this time not used, concentrated in the first flower period this time.

III. Picking up to podging Generally in the peanut seedling

30 cm when spraying, this time is also to control the period of prosperity.

Mainly strong seeds, promote seed setting, reduce leaf premature aging, combined with control of prosperity, mainly supplement phosphorus and potassium, at the same time can add rutin lactone to protect leaves to promote photosynthesis, promote the flow of photosynthetic products to the grain.

One mu of land use 99.7% potassium dihydrogen phosphate 50-100 grams, natural rutin lactone 10 ml, molybdenum fertilizer can also be used once, or not, peanut leaves yellow can also be added 100 grams of urea spray.

Formula: potassium phosphate source bank (99.7% potassium dihydrogen phosphate)50 grams of natural brassinolide ~10 ml Kendora

IV. Full harvest period

Spraying about 30 days before peanut harvest, the main purpose is to promote peanut grain fullness, reduce leaf premature aging, reduce empty shell and other phenomena, can use 99.7% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, calcium fertilizer, brassinolactone, potassium dihydrogen phosphate can promote grain fullness, calcium can promote peanut hard shell, reduce fruit, shell fruit, brassinolactone can regulate photosynthesis efficiency, promote the continuous flow of photosynthetic products to grain.

Peanut is a calcium-loving crop, when calcium deficiency root development is poor, can lead to apical tissue necrosis, pod seed kernel development is blocked, a large number of fruit, shell fruit.

Formula is: phosphorus and potassium source bank (99.7% potassium dihydrogen phosphate)50-100 grams of natural brassinolide ~ reclamation of 10 ml calcium source bank 20-30 grams, water 30-60 jin spray.


Considering that many farmers will only spray three times, it is suggested that the first seedling stage and the first flower stage should be combined with molybdenum fertilizer and boron fertilizer.

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