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"Green" butterfly change of "molybdenum capital of China"

  • Mosten
  • 6 May

"China's molybdenum capital", has proven molybdenum reserves first in Asia, scheelite reserves second in the country, molybdenum tungsten mining industry has long been a pillar industry.

"The mining industry once grew savagely, everywhere blossomed, by the 1990s, the county had more than a thousand small mines, small separation plants ." Wang Chong, deputy director of the county tourism industry agglomeration area in charge of environmental protection work, said that the industrial and mining industry can not fail, but disorderly mining seriously endangers the environment, and management is imminent.

The focus of industrial and mining management is the integration of resources. In mineral development, mine dust, mineral processing wastewater and smelting waste gas are the main sources of pollution. Improve technology, update equipment, reduce dust pollution, realize the recycling of production water, and achieve ultra-low emission of exhaust gas.

Resources integration at the same time, governance 292" scattered pollution "enterprises, and make a negative list, prohibit new small hydropower, drifting and other seven types of ecological damage projects.

In recent years, molybdenum smelting enterprises have reduced sulfur dioxide emissions by more than 27000 tons per year, completed mine ecological treatment of 767700 square meters ,91 tailings reservoir vegetation restoration area of 3.555 million square meters.

At present, the water quality of three surface water exit sections has reached the standard rate of more than 90%, and the days of good ambient air quality have been kept above 320 days, and the "ecological county" has become a consensus.

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