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We are supplier specialized in manufacturing tungsten lanthanum alloy. We matched certain proportion of producing high quality of tungsten and lanthanum alloy.

Tungsten Lanthanum

The features of tungsten lanthanum alloy are that it has better mechanical machining properties, better creep resistance, high temperature of re-crystallization and better ductility.

We are good at making tungsten electrodes. Tungsten electrodes are supplied for TIG welding, which mix around 0.3% to 5% rare earth elements like cerium, thorium, lanthanum, zirconium and yttrium through powder metallurgy ways to make tungsten gold alloy bars. Then we machined it by pressing process.

Package Inspection

We will offer material certificate after finishing production which includes chemical properties, mechanical properties, size and so on. Our products are packed by wooden boxes specialized for exportation. All of our products are separated by wet-proof paper.