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Why choose tungsten needle for ion fan?

  • Mosten
  • 16 Aug

Tungsten needle is widely used in various electrostatic removal equipment. In short, a tungsten needle is a commodity that connects the metal tungsten. It is not easy to wear, oxidation resistance characteristics become one of the mainstream electrical discharge needle.

Electro discharge needle is a common important part of fan. In addition to the air pollution after long-term work will damage the expected effect of eliminating electrostatic and covalent bond balance of the centrifugal fan, its product quality will also damage the electrical performance of the centrifugal fan at the same time. At present, the more widely used electro discharge needle is stainless steel plate needle and tungsten products.

Electro discharge needles used in ion fans are all made of metal materials. Usually, there are the following: stainless steel materials, metal materials of germanium, nickel, titanium, tungsten and so on. These are materials that are resistant to corrosion. Among them, the price of stainless steel material is lower, so it is widely used. The office environment of electroacupuncture is strict. Normally, it will be raised to 4kV or higher working standard voltage (2-3kV high-frequency AC method), so the front part of the discharge needle will bear a very large mechanical energy load, which is the key reason for the easy damage of the product, short cycle time. In order to solve the above problems, the organic compound metal tungsten has become a better choice for ion fan discharge electroacupuncture. Tungsten alloy needle is called tungsten needle, hard alloy needle. Tungsten is a refractory metal with a melting point between 3390℃ and 3430℃. The needle made of tungsten not only has good temperature resistance, not easy to wear and other stability, but also has excellent electrical conductivity, high strength and no radiation. And it is made of the middle goods not only have good resistance to high temperature performance and not easy to wear characteristics, but also excellent conductivity, high tensile strength, relatively large compressive strength, and no radioactive substances and ecological environmental management is more friendly and other advantages.

Therefore, compared with other metal needle, tungsten needle is more suitable for discharge acupuncture, it can not only make the fan in addition to electrostatic effect is more significant, further improve work efficiency, and fan ion balance will be more stable. In addition, there is also a part of the production of electroacupuncture raw materials containing metal material germanium, nickel, titanium and other metal materials.

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