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The invention discloses a method for making tungsten crucible with reinforced structure

  • Mosten
  • 11 Jul

Tungsten crucible is one of the metal tungsten products, and the melting and boiling point of tungsten is very high, so it is widely used in rare earth smelting, quartz glass, electronic spraying, crystal growth and other industries, and because the tungsten crucible has high purity, high density, no internal crack, precise size, inner and outer wall smooth and so on. Make it become the core container of sapphire single crystal growth furnace, quartz glass melting furnace, rare earth smelting furnace and other industrial furnaces, and tungsten crucible molding is divided into tungsten powder smelting sintering molding, stamping molding and rotary molding, etc., its different molding methods are suitable for different industries.

The disadvantages of general tungsten crucible are as follows: Due to high temperature resistant characteristics of tungsten crucible, so commonly used for metal smelting, and metal raw materials directly into general tungsten crucible under high temperature, in the long term, serious damage of tungsten crucible wall, reduce the service life of tungsten crucible ontology, thus improve the working cost, and tungsten crucible using pure tungsten is basically, the high cost, low production efficiency.

Therefore, we should strengthen the performance of tungsten crucible in the process of processing to reduce the work cost and improve the manufacturing efficiency.