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Natural diamond drawing die and its manufacturing method

  • Mosten
  • 27 Aug

The invention relates to a wire drawing die and a method for making the die. Natural diamond wire drawing die is a die for drawing metal blank through diamond holes into wire material. The invention with tungsten, copper, tin, lead, cobalt, nickel phosphorus iron fund belongs to powder pre compressed into the body of the column and the nickel, titanium, tungsten, tin, copper, lead, cobalt fund belongs to powder pre compressed into the top of the column and natural diamond and stainless steel die sets of wire drawing die, and the heating column and the powder at the top of the mould, diamond stick welding together, A manufacturing method for welding the main powder die column to a chrome-nickel stainless steel die sleeve. Whether the natural diamond is solid in the die sleeve of the drawing die is the key to the quality and service life of the drawing die. When the natural diamond drawing die of the invention works, the diamond will not loosen, and the die column and the die sleeve are not loose. Generally, the drawing can reach 400,000 meters and prolong the service life of the drawing die.

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