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The use of tungsten alloy sports equipment

  • Mosten
  • 23 Aug

1. Golf head
Tungsten alloy with high specific gravity is the preferred material for high-grade golf head counterweight, which can reduce the center of gravity and improve the balance of the club, so it is beneficial for players to better control the hitting direction and hitting distance. In addition, tungsten alloy has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance and other characteristics, can effectively enhance the service resistance of products.

2. The tennis racket
The tennis racket counterweight is mainly made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic tungsten alloy material. It is installed on the edge of the tennis racket to change the balance, thus improving the accuracy of the player's hitting and the speed and strength of the stroke.

3. The bow and arrow
In order to ensure the stability and safety of the arrow's flight path in the archery movement, the arrow's resistance in the air must be small, and the penetration ability is not high. Tungsten steel is more suitable for making arrowheads than lead and iron because it is not only ecologically friendly, but also has a higher density than lead and iron, around 15.0g/cm3, and is less penetrating.

4. The sailing
High-density tungsten alloy is also the preferred material for counterweights on sailboats. It not only lowers the center of gravity of sailboats, making them less likely to tip over, but also prolongs the time it takes for sailboats to replace their counterweights.