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Application of oxide special refractories

  • Mosten
  • 14 Jul

Alumina (corundum) special refractory material
Due to the alumina material products high temperature performance is good, low price, get the most extensive application.

Corundum bricks with high purity, high density and high performance are widely used in large blast furnaces and ladles of steel mills, and good results have been obtained. It is the best lining material for the second stage furnace and gasifier of large ammonia plant (300000 tons) and the cracking furnace of 300000 tons ethylene project. High thermal stability corundum brick is the preferred lining material for special materials and products of firing furnaces, molybdenum wire furnaces, tungsten rod furnaces, diffusion furnaces, ceramic metallization furnaces, molybdenum silicide electric furnaces and other ultra-high temperature furnaces. High quality corundum bricks are also used in hot blast stoves for magnetic fluid power generation.

Alumina hollow ball products and alumina fiber products are high - temperature energy - saving products. Because of its small volume density and low thermal conductivity, it is an ideal lining material for energy saving and consumption reduction. Alumina precision ceramics can be made into crucible and gasket, high temperature furnace tube, thermocouple protection tube and insulating porcelain tube, laser tube, rectifier tube, transparent sodium lamp tube, radar radome, microwave device, sodium-sulfur battery shell, gas purifier and spark plug for smelting or purifying colored, rare and precious metals.

Made of alumina ceramics wear-resistant and corrosion resistant materials, metal liquid filters, high temperature ceramics for physical and chemical analysis, chemical and textile industrial machinery parts, such as sealing rings, valves, piston pumps, petrochemical catalyst carrier, etc. Alumina ceramics can be made into reactor insulation sheet in the peaceful use of atomic energy, and can be made into artificial joints and artificial teeth in biological engineering.

Because the hardness of rigid jade material is very large, second only to diamond, it is a very good wear-resisting material, which can be made into a variety of cutting and grinding tools, abrasives, wire drawing die, chemical fiber guide wire wheel, grinding machine grinding disc, wear-resisting and high-temperature bearing, ball grinding lining tank and grinding medium ball, sand blasting nozzle and high-temperature burner, etc.

Magnesium oxide (magnesite) special refractory material
Magnesium oxide (magnesite) is a high load softening temperature, low creep alkaline refractories. Although its melting point is very high, up to 28001, but easy to volatilize in reducing atmosphere, the highest use temperature can only reach 200CTC.It is a good structural material for ultra-high temperature kilns, and also a good lining material for power frequency furnaces, medium frequency furnaces and high frequency furnaces. High purity magnesia brick can be used as lining material for magnetic fluid generation furnace. Magnesium oxide ceramic products can be made into non-ferrous, rare metals and precious metals smelting, purification of magnesium oxide crucible, high temperature furnace tube, ultra-high temperature tungsten-rhenium thermocouple protection tube, insulating porcelain beads, etc.

Zirconia special refractory
Zirconia is an acid refractory with a melting point of 26501.Because of its high temperature chemical stability, the highest use temperature of up to 2400, can be used as vacuum furnace, molybdenum wire furnace, gas furnace, high frequency electric furnace, single crystal furnace and other high temperature furnace lining materials. In the metallurgical industry for continuous casting with fixed diameter nozzle, horizontal continuous casting separation ring. In single crystal furnace can be made into insulation cover and furnace lining.

Zirconia hollow ball and Zirconia fiber products are the highest oxide insulation and energy saving furnace lining materials at present. In the high temperature furnace is not only heat insulation material, but also can be directly used as the lining material. Zirconia high temperature ceramic products can be made smelting non-ferrous, rare metal, precious metal crucible, and high temperature furnace tube and thermocouple protection tube. It can also be made into solid electrolyte for oxygen determination and temperature measurement of high temperature liquid such as flue and molten steel, ceramic insulation engine and its parts, magnetic fluid power generation and electrical insulation sheet, insulation and ablative materials for jet aircraft and missiles, rocket burner, nose cone and nose cone of spacecraft, etc.

Zirconia high-temperature ceramics can also be made into drawing dies, cutting tools, springs, high-temperature bearings, wear-resistant gaskets, corrosion resistant pump parts and grinding medium balls. Zirconia special refractory materials can also be made into high temperature furnace heating element, thermistor, gas sensor and spray paint and castable and other amorphous refractory materials.

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