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Is the quality of optical glass related to molybdenum electrode?

  • Mosten
  • 5 Jul

Of all the refractory metals, molybdenum is the most commonly used. When made as an alloy, it is highly resistant to high temperatures and creep, making it highly resistant to corrosion.

Molybdenum metal is used in a wide range of applications, including electric furnace heating elements, spray metal, solid rocket motor skirts, heat shields, zinc refining pumps, switching electrodes and tools used in metalworking. In addition, molybdenum is highly recommended as a high-performance electrode for melting glass in glass smelting furnaces.

The glass manufacturing industry is the main consumption industry of molybdenum electrode. Molybdenum has proven to be an excellent material for molten glass. From tempered glass, fiberglass, optical glass to insulating materials, glass fused molybdenum electrodes must be able to withstand aggressive glass corrosion at extremely high temperatures.

As long as the operating temperature and chemical requirements exceed the limits of conventional materials such as iron, copper or nickel, molybdenum electrode performance is prominent, such as low thermal expansion coefficient; Good electrical and thermal conductivity; High dimensional stability; High melting point 2620°C;High purity, will not affect the color of the finished glass or transparency; Oxidation and creep resistance; Resistance to liquid glass corrosion, etc.

Glass manufacturing kiln with molybdenum electrode

As the requirements of environmental protection are higher and higher, the quality requirements of glass products are also higher and higher, the use of electric fusion in glass factories has been the trend of The Times. At present, many full electric melting glass kilns and flame - electric melting glass kilns are made of pure molybdenum electrodes. Molybdenum electrode is a commonly used electrode for melting sodium-calcium glass and high borosilicate glass. It has high operating temperature and surface current intensity, and can even reach up to 2000℃.

Molybdenum electrode

The quality of molybdenum electrode is very important to the quality of glass products. The surface of the electrode is smooth and compact with gray metallic luster, the density is more than 10.15g /cm3, and the Mo content is more than 99.95%.The product of the corroded electrode material is not allowed to introduce any defects to the finished glass, such as coloring, stones and streaking. In addition, bubbles are not allowed to form during contact between the electrode material and the glass liquid, because bubbles are considered defects in the finished product. Once gas and other substances are formed, it is possible to form bubbles, so the electrode materials used are not allowed to cause bubbles to form.

As a professional tungsten and molybdenum manufacturer with more than 20 years of production experience, we are committed to improving the performance of molybdenum electrodes to make them have excellent characteristics of high strength. Using the purest molybdenum powder, produced by the powder metallurgy process, not only has high purity, but also has an exceptionally smooth surface, thus ensuring that our glass melted molybdenum electrode is not contaminated.