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Advantages and disadvantages of tungsten alloy Marine counterweight parts

  • Mosten
  • 29 Jun

Tungsten alloy Marine counterweight parts are ideal materials for Marine counterweight parts. This is not only because it is friendly to the water environment, but also because of the advantages of its high density (18.6g/cm3), easy machining, tensile strength and hardness, which enable the ship to run more steadily. This paper compares the advantages and disadvantages of tungsten alloy counterweight blocks with other counterweight blocks.

Iron counterweight block

Advantages :(1) Relative environmental protection in the production process, low energy consumption;(2) pollution-free treatment during use and after use;(3) It can be used repeatedly and recycled.

Disadvantages: easy to rust, poor corrosion resistance, short service life.

Iron counterweight block is suitable for low production cost, and long-term work in the dry environment of equipment, it is best not to contact oxygen.

Zinc counter weight

Advantages :(1) good gloss, can improve the appearance of equipment;(2) good corrosion resistance, can prolong the use time;(3) No pollution to the ecological environment during and after use.

Disadvantages :(1) High production cost;(2) High power consumption during manufacturing, and serious pollution in the production process.

Zinc counterweight blocks are suitable for applications with more major appearance.

Lead counterweight block

Advantages :(1) Lead material price is low, can effectively reduce the cost of related equipment;(2) simple manufacturing, to a certain extent, can save the operator's time.

Disadvantages :(1) Lead is a heavy metal, which pollutes the environment;(2) Outdated production process, high energy consumption, high pollution;(3) It is difficult to recycle after disposal.

Lead counterweights are suitable for use in less expensive equipment.

Tungsten alloy counterweight block

Advantages :(1) environmental protection, less pollution to the production environment;(2) The density is higher, the weight distribution is easier to control, and the volume of the prepared counterweight block is smaller;(3) good corrosion resistance and strong service life.

Disadvantages: material price is relatively high.

Tungsten alloy counterweight block is suitable for application in shipbuilding industry.