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Characteristics and application of tungsten alloy shielding parts for medical use

  • Mosten
  • 25 Jun

Tungsten alloy shielding parts are the first choice for radiation shielding, which are widely used in medical, military, electronic and other fields.

The use of medical tungsten alloy shielding parts
1. Radiation therapy
The use of one or more ionizing radiation for the treatment of malignant tumors.

The shielding parts (collimators, multi-blade gratings, etc.) of radiotherapy equipment such as medical electron linear accelerator and cobalt-60 therapeutic machine are made of tungsten-nickel-iron alloy. Tungsten alloy shields can shrink the particle beam or light wave so that the particle rays shine in a specific direction, even though the space section of the beam becomes narrower and thus limits the amount of radiation.

2. Medical imaging
Using CT scanner and other imaging equipment, through accurate collimation of X ray, gamma ray, ultrasound, etc., to achieve a section of the human body scanning to obtain medical image technology.
The tungsten alloy tube, tungsten alloy sheet and tungsten alloy plate on the CT scanner can all play a good role in absorbing and shielding X rays and γ rays.

3. Radioactive tracer
Use of radionuclides for medical diagnosis and treatment.
A common tungsten alloy shield is a tungsten alloy syringe sleeve. It could protect a health worker's arm from radiation when giving drugs to a patient or when a scientist is developing a radioactive isotope.

Medical tungsten alloy shielding parts are widely used. This is closely related to its own excellent characteristics.

Characteristics of tungsten alloy shields for medical use
1. Specific weight: density up to 18.8g/cm3
. 2. Strong ray shielding ability: Under the same thickness condition, the ray shielding ability of tungsten alloy is more than 1.7 times that of lead, and the stronger the ray, the more obvious the difference between the two ray shielding ability will be.
3. Environmental protection and non-toxic: the production and use of tungsten alloy shielding parts, will not harm human health; And lead is toxic.
4. High strength: tensile strength of 700-1000MPa.
5. It has good shaping, machinability and weldability.
6. Large thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity is 5 times of the die steel.
7. Small thermal expansion coefficient: thermal expansion coefficient of 4-6×10^-6/℃, only 1/2-1/3 of iron or steel.